Kuala Lumpur vespa night food and fun at the bar tour

 Kuala lumur vespa night tour ,we would like to show you the best experience to see kuala lumpur city at night time .most people stay at thehotel aor just get taxi to shopping places ? but havent know an thing about what local eat ont he street or some culture of what people do for fun ,kuala lumpur vespa tour we would like to show you kuala lumpur night tour for yoou lean and experience of the authentic food and also alot of fun at the local bar for have live music 

Kuala lumpur vespa night tour 109 usd /person Kid under 12 recieve 30 % off,

Duration: 4 hours Tour starts nightly from 7- 11 pm  tour flaxible time can gat back early or rater 

Include : automatic vespa  scooters, safe driver, English speaking guide,experience vespa driver ,insurence , food and drinks in the trip ,have free once  drink at the live music  bar 

Don’t forget, this tour includes  food & drinks, so make sure to come with an empty stomach and a hunger for

Kuala lumpur vespa tours we do the night tour to combine with food tour as nomolly you move by car or by bus ,or walking tour ,Kualumpur vespa tour ,we do this tour for every one would like to see more night life of the city or eat more local food ,as you could not found on your own 

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