Saigon Vespa By Night Food Tour

 Price: $ 98 promotion $89 vnd 2.070.000 /Person 

Tour Start Every Night from 18.00 - 22.00 Pm 
Could you like todo private tour plus $35/ person
Call or WhatsApp to Book +84986259477 
Tour Includes:
- Classic Vespa scooters + fuel 
- All food and drink included
- Live music and drink includes
- Full-face Helmet, Experiece Drivers Vespa for you
- English speaking tour guide
- All entrance fees & cold water throught the Tour
- Free pick-up and drop-off rain poncho (if needed)
As you know Saigon is the biggest and most energetic city in vietnam with the population of more than 10 million with more then 5 million of scooter, most people in saigon travel by
scooter or Vespa, and we would like to share with you the interesting way to explore the Ho Chi Minh city by night
We off special Vintage vespa it fun and beautiful also make you feel back of saigon in 1950, on the tour not only rider vintage vespa to explore city it an amazing and authentic travel experience 
We love to shere with you about our traditional food, street foods, live music  watching life passing by how about you? Are you looking for a unique experience in saigon? let's join us!
First Our experience driver on a Vintage Vespa will pick you up from your hotel, Airbnb or Homestay, then riders will take you to our Venue, to have a welcome drink at a local loop top bar to enjoy free drink and see the panorama view from the loop top see over view of Ho Chi Minh city enjoy sunset for nice sunny day 
Then our Vespa Riders will driver around the City, before you have first stop for tasty food to enjoy the landmarks of Saigon, ride through small alley where you see the real life of Saigonese
After ride though the busy city and see a over view of saigon after dark, our vespa team riders will take you to the street food at the hidden street that only local people know and come here to eat here with specail food and unique
You will surprise to see all the street around 1 km long, it all street Sea food store, sea food still a live and very fresh look so tasty 
Our first enjoy street food tonight will give you to tast of the seafood combine with some of specail traditional food of Saigon with some local drink 
After enjoy Seafood we continue our journey to ride vespa to eat next place with most specialties dish in saigon is Banh Xeo, Nem lu, Sping rolls,with specail smell would not find any where in Vietnam, only this family can make with this smell they keep the tradition for over 90 years to make this specail Banh xeo 
we continue again to our next destination to enjoy our the dessert, now our Vespa Riders will ride through beautiful street for you enjoy and see the view of Saigon night life, it very much fun and now also time to be less traffic, after ride through many beautiful place of the city we arrive to the dessert place for you enjoy is Kem Xoai Dam at the hidden store you will enjoy so yummy desert 
The trip is not done yet, the fun things is still waiting for you after dessert we would likle to bring to the local live music Cafe for you enjoy live music performent by vietnamese singger and also enjoy your drink at the bar, also chance for you to sing exchange with vietnamses singger at the bar for a fun night, After all now time to be 10 pm will take you back to your hotel finish our night food tour 
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 - Similer All of An other Vespa tour or we have hight quality vespa with proffessional Team and most Value Price money for you It not $ 98/ person  as the same our tour quality here our tour only $89/ person 

- we have experience Proffesional Vintage Vespa driver for safe, fun, informative 

- All food and drink includes in the tour, enjoy street food seafood, live music 

- English speaking guide with informative and fun information,frienly, take care of you
- Providing unique itinerary, All food and drink includes in the tour specail  way to see The city You will learn the Good, The Bad, The wilds, Culture, Historical, Backstreet, Alley. local market, off the beaten track to see the real Ho Chi Minh City
- Enjoy the street food, seafood, enjoy the live music and loop top to see panaroma view 
- Hight quality Vintage Vespa 
-  See the culture, Meet the people, learn of the history, rider through trail and dirt road with amazing rice paddies fields...
- Insurence cover each single tour 
- Full face helmet 
- Get off the beaten track see the real local life and culture 
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