Ha Giang Easy Rider 2 Days Tour


 Price:$ 250 promotion only $ 198 VND 4.610.000/person


Luxury Small Group Tour Maximum 6- 8 pax 


Could you like to enjoy private tour plus $ 30/ person/day


Call or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987



Email: info@hanoivespatours.com


Tour includes 


- Pick up and drop off From Hanoi  transfer to Ha Giang by limousine van or Sleeping bus to Ha Giang 

- All food includes. 2 Breakfast - 2 Lunch - 1 Dinner 

- Experience English speaking guides.fun, informative 

- All entry fees. 

- Protective gear .

- Rider protections
- Motorbike, Fuel and  Experience proffesional riders 

- Free water durring the tour. 

- Pick up and drop off at your hotel.in Ha Giang or arrange tour from Hanoi 


 3: Why You should choose us


- Experience, funny, informative and enthusiatic english tour guides.

- Experience riders safe, unique itinerary off the beaten track, meet the people, see the culture.

- Small group we arrange for transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang at our booking office in Hanoi  (Maximum group 6 to 8 people).

- Unique itinerary to see highlight and famous places in Ha Giang , get some adventures and learn local culture. see amazing Ha Giang 

- Visiting amazing places where you  can not visit in any tours.

- Reliable and proffessional driver.

- Pick up and take back you to any place in Hanoi.

- Experience authentic local food.


Tour start Daily: From Ha Giang at 8.30


Our Booking office in Ha Noi at 6 To tich street - Hang Gai - Hoan Kiem Hanoi - Near Hoan Kiem Lake only 200m far away from Hoan Kiem lake, if you are in Hanoi you can come to our office to book a tour we arrange for you tour start from Hanoi, and we will arrange for you sleeping bus leave from hanoi or limousine van take you to Ha Giang 

- we have 2 option for transfer to Ha Giang -

- Option 1: pick up at 9 pm night before by Sleeping bus to Ha Giang 

- Option 2: pick up at 7am by limousine from Hanoi 

If you dont have time to come to our booking office in Hanoi for quick booking you can contact us



Our different 


- High quality Motorbike, proffesional Motorbike riders, comfortable Bike for you sit behind with our riders...

- Limmited number of people in one group (maximun 7 to 10  people).

- Explore natural and unique way to explore the mountain rock villages, Valley, Alley and get off the beaten track - see amazing Ha giang On the back of Motorbike 

- Plenty of choices.

- Flexible time.

- The best transportation would arrange for your from Hanoi 

- Meet the people, See the Culture, Experience Vietnamese life style.

- Enrich your knowledge about Vietnam's history that you never heard. see the heaven landscape 


 What should bring





- Some cash for personal expenses

- Comfortable clothes

- Mosquito Repellen

- Sleeve shirt

- Comfortable Shoes

-Swim Wear


Cancellation Policy
Should you choose to cancel a booking, Motorb must be notified by email. The cancellation fee will be applied under the following conditions:

- More than 7 days before departure 0 % charge 

- From 2 to 6 days before departure: 50% of the payment charged

- From 48 hours before the tour starts: 100% of the payment charged

- Turning up late to the starting point of the tour for whatever reason is considered a late cancellation and will result in 100% of the payment charged.


 Children Policy:


- Children under 04 years old: Free of charge

- Children 05 to 10 years old: Charge 75% rate of adult

- Children from 11 years old and above: full charged as adults .


Call or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987 


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Price:$250 promotion only $ 198 VND 4.610.000/person


Luxury Small Group Tour Maximum 6- 8 pax 


Could you like to enjoy private tour plus $ 49/ person


Call or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987


Email: info@hanoivespatours.com

This option 2 Day Tour for on your limited time to stay in Vietnam, 2 days tour we desigh this tour for you still can see Ha Giang loop and Ma pi Leng pass, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark and all the highlight and most beautiful scenary in Ha Giang Loop
For 2 Day Ha Giang Loop we Recommend you Take sleeper bus Night before and start Tour next day Morning for you have more time to discover Ha Giang loop 
 Call Or whatsApp to Book +84986259477
Includes: 2 way by sleeping  bus to Ha Giang and back to Hanoi, Motorbike and riders,petrol for the bike  accommadation, english speaking guide, 2 lunch, 2 breakfast, 1 dinnder, ann entry fees,..
Day 1:  Ha Giang City – Heaven Gate – Lung Tam Village - Yen Minh - Dong Van Town

Tour start at 8.30 am will start at meeting point, our tour guide and driver will brief for you how to be safe to sit behind with our rider, and tell you clear and information about the tour, During your first day riders you will see a big change in the scenery when you drive into the mountains road snake road before arriva the town of Tam Son. This is the first a glimpse of what will like ahead for the rest of your tour. The tour takes you through the Karst Geopark. The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is a major geoheritage sight in Vietnam. You will see a lot of  terraced rice fields,  thousands of limestone rocks and magnificent views.and hidden villages at the Valley People will be working on the land and you will get a taste of rural north Vietnamese countryside life. our riders also take you to the Chinese border and the famous northernmost viewpoint in Vietnam. Before driving to the town of Dong Van, you will make a stop at the residence of the Vuong family, which is still called “Hmong King palace”. The trip will then continue to Dong Van town. Here you can walk around the town, enjoy dinner and relax.

Day 2:  Dong Van Town –Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – Yen Minh - Ha Giang City

After have breakfast at home stay or hotel On this day you will have chance to ride to see the most beautiful landscape of Ha Giang and see the heaven pass and amazing we call here Ma Pi Leng pass where you can see the Nho Que river underneath. This pass is well known; most tourists call this the most beautiful part of the loop. Just after the pass you will take another road back to Yen Minh. This road takes you through equally beautiful landscapes as the first day. From Yen Minh the route takes you back to Ha Giang City. During the tour you will see the different cultures and hill tribes such as the H’mong tribe living in the Ha Giang province. Their beautiful clothes are easily recognisable. You will be impressed along the way by all aspects of the trip, the stunning views, fascinating countrylife and beautiful cultures. The whole trip is an immensely rewarding experience and will give you life-long memories.



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