hanoi vespa adventure

hanoi vespa adventures ,for a short trip to visit hanoi city and countryside for any one love adventure, we would like to show you the best sight of hanoi ,and bring you to see the some places tourist never been to ,and we want to share you you to see some thing different ,ride to the contryside discover red river delta countryside

 hanoi vespa adventures ,why we have this name ? hanoi vespa tour we are not only do the tour in the city ,with short period of time bt we also oganise tour with very short period of time could do the countryside tour ,just 4 or 4,5 hours ride vespa to ourside of the city  to discovery red river delta ,and lets rider vespa to the countryside and learn more of history and adventure day ........ for every one want to have fun 


to book and join with  a tour to discover hanoi one of the most highlight  tour is for summer time is insider's hanoi 4,5 hours morning tour http://www.hanoivespatours.com/tour-detail/the-insiders-hanoi-45-hours-27.html,and best time to see hanoi night lfe ,less to night tour http://www.hanoivespatours.com/tour-detail/hanoi-by-night-2



hoi an vespa tour

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