hanoi city tour by motorbike

classic tour you just in the car for visit hanoi city ,now have a new vay to city hanoi city by motorbike ,or vespa or scooter ,is the best way to move fro place to an other place ,and you cat big fun to seat on the back of the motorbike ,will enjoy more view ,or over view around you ,much more better than on the car

visit haoi city by motorbke or vespa or scooter now be come hot way to explore city ,if you joining with motorbike tour hanoi tour or vespa tour mseat on the back of the bike you could see over view it not in one side as you do the car tour ,hanoi vespa tour we created this tour for how could like to see large hanoi and to know more about hanoi it not only the tourists area , 

hoi an vespa tour

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