the insiders hanoi with female riders


Kinh thưa quý đối tác, quý đối tác yêu cầu nữ lái vespa có thể yêu cầu nhé 

Tour price is $ 69/ person 

             Meet the locals, experience the culture and see amazing Hanoi with female riders

Our tour start Daily : and we have 2 option time a day

1 : Morning tour start from 8:00am to 12:00 noon ( lunch included at the end )

2 Afternoon time start from 12:30pm to 16:30pm ( lunch included at the beginning)

We offer a special and unique way for you to see Hanoi city with the help and support of female riders wearing traditional Ao Dai clothing. This tour we be on our traditional vespa bike which allows to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of Hanoi City. Our team of female riders will guide you through the most beautiful parts of Hanoi and take you to see some secret spots within the city. On the tour we combine the highlights of the city with the day to day living conditions of both the poor and rich residents within Hanoi. You will have the chance to meet a local farmer. On the tour our female team will take you to visit French QuarterCeramic Road and the oldest bridge of Long Bien. Following this you will visit a local family on the red river island. Here you will see a selection of green vegetablesfarm fruits and a banana farm. You will continue to West Lake where the diver will take you to visit Phu Tay Ho Temple and visit the local Vong Thi market. With it being a rather large city and very crowded with traffic, this is a fantastic way to some interesting backstreets and the business of everyday life.  Here you will see the where the US B52 planelies after being shot down in 1972. Following this your driver will take you to visit Ho Chi Minh mausoleumand the 1000 years old cathedral. To finish you will drive along the oldest railway track in Hanoi on the way back to your hotel.

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