what to do in hanoi

hanoi have a kot of thing to do,need more than 5 days to discover all of hanoi,for the quick way to know and see hanoi ,motorbike is the best way for you to see the city ....

 as you know hanoi very rich history and culture we have over 1000 years old  

come to hanoi you have a lot of thing to do, if you come to old quarter the best way for you walking around the city, and around old quarter  a lot of traditional food, if you come to hanoi should try the street food tour, and there are some company do street food tour, just book a tour only 20 to 25 usd per person you will have a big dinner 

or many thing to visit like french quarter, long bien bridge one of the olddest bridge in hanoi , or go to the west lake .. amny different way to get there, but for see more city vespa tour or scooter tour will be the best way for you to see the city 

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