vespa tour hanoi

vespa tour hanoi offer the city tour for you touching to the local people,see the daily life and culture, traditional of vietnam, vespa tour hanoi would like to show you the real vietnam, that why we do unique way to see each cities you come to vietnam, especailly in hanoi we riding you to see and learn most beautfull part of hanoi , and get on the peek of the history ...

 if you are in hanoi ,dont know what to see and what to visit, or dont know what is the most interesting way to see the city, if you are looking for some thing trithly what local people do, and what local peole eat, if you just sit on the car, you will not see the real of the local , you dont see all around you , you dont smell you sont touching , you dont hearing the truth of hanoi , vespa tour hanoi now would like to show you all

if you are in hanoi we would recommend you do a scooter tour , motorbike tour , or vespa tour it all interesting thing for you to see the city, as you know hanoi we have 7.000.000 people but 5,5 milion people usd motorbike , vespa, scooter, that most poeple use for travel in hanoi city, so if you are in hanoi would like to see the real hanoi should take one of the tour , you will see much much more of the city, as you see one more tobike that cary 4 to 5 people it is still work that nomal in vietnam , but if you do vespa tour in hanoi you wil get very safe not scary becuase the goverment in vietnam now who become driver for tourist they are all have god training and be very profestional driver, and the tour comepany also choose them with safety one

so now you dont be scary any thing , just book atour and ejoy your holidy in haoi 

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