hanoi night tours

if you come to hanoi ,not spend a night to visit city at night time ,you will not know about hanoi liveday time is workiing time night time people go out for fun ,hanoi vespa tour we are founded the bestway for any one to see the city at night time with short period of time ,hanoi vespa tour we take you see all hanoi at night and see how people eat and how people have fun ,ont he street andat the bar as well

hanoi night tour ,welcome to hanoi ,many touistcoe to hanoi hahve so much  free tie but dont know how to do and how to see hanoi night time ,

for sure hani night time is totally differrent with day time more beautifull get changing color ,we have night and suggestion for you to see the city ,motoebike scooter or vespa  ,is the best way for you  to see the city ,youcan rent a driver who know theway ,or some xeom how speak some english could take you around hanoi and some places you could like to see ,or you can do  a night tour with vespa tour ,we are founded  and organsetour in 4 hours ,we combine for you see hanoi night live and city how people eat ,and people ride how popel have some fn and where people eat and drink ,especially hanoi vespa tours ,we do the tour to live music bar ,with the best band in hanoi ,where you could meet some star singger of vietnam at the bar ,this you will know how vietnases music es well 

if are you  could like to spend a night with every thing like this ,come with us ,

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