hanoi city tour by motorbike ,hanoi day tour on motorbike

hanoi vespa tours open to day for you see real of hanoi ,to visit hanoi by motorbike ,or by scootet ,or by vespa is the best way to esplore city more than you seat on the bus or on the car ,when travel by motorbike or joining with our vespa tour you will rider like local ,and you will see a lot of thang and you wil joining and learn more from vietnam trafic ,look it crazy but when you joining with us you will learn like new rul of traffic that make you get more experience on your holiday

for travel in vietnam and  explore city is best way to see  the city by motorbike ,or vespa or scooter you will see much more than you only seeat on the car ,or on the bus tour ,you could not see cover over view of hanoi ,hanoi is the kingdom of motorbike with 5million motorbike and scooter and vespa so if you are come to hanoi joiing to rider vespa wth us ,you will learn and join like local people ,main thing you will learn and see a lot of hanoi , and some where will visiting by hanoi vespa tour you could not find by your own ,or you could not find the tour like is do in hanoi ,here hanoi vespa tour we do the unique way to see hanoi ,and t see some thing different from ourside of tourist trail ,we would like to take you to see the ral of hanoi 

for the history ,and culture and local people life ,we would like to share with you all vetnam traditional food as well ,joining with us for hanoi vespa tour don't worry about trafic  look it hard for you to driver ,but here you are seat on the back of vespa ,with very safe driver 


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